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This is fast becoming my favourite page
(Just because people say the weirdest crap to total strangers)

Want to give some feedback?
Have something you really have to say? It's a free-for-all baby doll, speak your mind, you never know it might even get published
Stranger things have happened...

Some comments so far- lovely, misguided, obnoxious, endearing, downright rude and some quite frightening (salient points only)
You people crack me up...
"I found you on Google. Its not what I was expecting but I clicked all over your pages, i'm not into poems but these made me laugh out loud. Thank you."
(You're welcome)
"Colour Marge?! Oh God whats happened?"
(well the poems!)
" Yeah! it's like Kafka but not!"
(um thanks....I think?)
"The Jay is the best one. I like the strawberry line as well and the small one (?) i write poems too and my friends like them."
(Name and age more importantly witheld.. Thank you..yes of course you can send me some of your poems... Not sure you should be here though...tell your Mother/(Father most probably) to not save me in his bookmarks there's a doll. x)
"I like 'The Jay' it's very ambitious. Well done Marjorie. "
"Are you famous? Where can I see you? Could we be friends?"
(Yeah, pop round, i'll stick the fucking kettle on.)
"Hello sweetheart, The Jay is beautiful. Glad i badgered you to start your poetry again!!! "

"What are ya like Pootle?!  I do love your site..."
(My nickname to- *please note* some Friends only..*blushes*)

"I liked your poem warning bell , succinct and punchy"


"It's rather good."

"I'm afraid you're going to kill yourself, please don't."

"You call this poetry? Are you fucking insane?"

"I love your poetry, please write more."

"Don't write any more, my face hurts from laughing at Discord. Excellent."

" I write also, mine is more intuitive and my thought processes are more advanced. I have a MA in creative writing. While your turns of phrase are poetic, you sound contrived."

"Write one about me!"

"Marjorie Razorblade. You are an awful person, I would hate to get on your wrong side."

"Marj, I fucking love it."

"Lets all write poetry about people and publish it on the web-oh how clever. I know who you are, if you ever write one about me, you'll be sorry."

" Marjorie. You're very rude but you make me laugh."

"You swear too much."


Thank you

I’d like to thank you for reading my poems
And for assessing and judging me by your own standards
Been told I swear too much by someone who’s just fifteen years old
In another fifteen years, they may understand this for themselves..
I was fifteen once.
Thank you for making the light at the end of my tunnel that much darker.
Thank you for being the voice of no particular reason
Thank you for always being a stranger to my door
And haunting my empty thoughts of love
Which were not there before.
Bought myself a computer to combat boredom
I’m now bored with myself- what shall I do?
Thank you for not interjecting with a stupid comment
I tire of them, because lets face it, people are just not as funny as they should be
Thank you for being the one to hold me down and depress me
Bury me under the headstone of doom
Thank you for not holding me
Especially when I cannot sleep in no-ones arms
Thank you for making my troubles that much deeper
And my heart that much shallower
Thank you for everything
Thank you for nothing
Thank you
For reading my last poem.


Comments: Thank you.