This website started as somewhere to store my Poems.
And that was all. 
I never expected many people to read them, or people to address me as "Marjorie Razorblade" in the street. However there is a distinction between the poet and the person which is becoming a narrower margin . With Tripod being the master support of these archives (thank you Tripod Moderator for the following:) they occasionaly send out 'Come see my website' emails to everyone in my inbox - a couple I met in Austria two years ago at a classical Mozart concert were quite amazed to find their cultured friend from the UK was spouting poetic bile over the internet.
What was suprising- was they actually liked it.
Thank you Tripod Moderator.
And so, word of mouth is a double edged sword- one one side it's promoted some poems I never would have bothered to publish (The Poetry Society- Poetry Kit- Art House Readings- and Off the Cuff Productions - Bloodaxe Books - have asked for readings and submissions)
On the other side, people who previously did not know this side existed have been offended, taken this badly, been presumptious that all of these words are real (ultimately these are words- meanings behind everything are not as obvious and some have no meaning at all)
So if this is a platform to poetry
Poets and poetry should be included
not just my own...

Marjorie Razorblade

Poets Corner


There are a million Poets in the world. Some of them better than others, all of them incredible in their own idiom...

Charles Bukowski

"But the cat, striding down through the centuries, would not listen.."

Phillip Larkin

"They fuck you up your mum and dad.."


"Yo Soy El Condor.....I am the Condor..."


"On her headstone you’ll find this refrain: She died as she lived, sniffing cocaine.."


"Kleine Blummen keline blatter.."

Jack Kerouac

"Little wierd flower, who planted you in the goddamned hill..?"

Percy Shelley

" Rise like lions after slumber in unvanquishable number.."

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