Marjorie Razorblade


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This is for everyone I know. And I do mean everyone.
Fuck you for
Making me unhappy
For showing me the door
For contemplating your madness
And running out of milk
For watching your stupid film
For showing me your true colours too late
And for asking me back
For telling me you love me
For showing me that you really don't
(And actions speak louder than words)
For making me laugh at something funny
For touching me with sadness
For laughing
For nothing
For everything
...Fuck you.
(c) Marjorie Razorblade
I know things
I know you never meant it
I know this is a stupid step to make
I know it's inevitable
I know you're a bastard
I know nothing about you worth anything
I know you have your own steps to make
But I also know I love you
I know i've made a big mistake.
(c) Marjorie Razorblade
I'm going to miss four people
and not much else.
Sinead-i'll miss you and I know you'll never make it down here.
Nikki- I'll miss you marginally but I know i'll never be shot of you.
John- you know everything-and I will miss you.
Dee-i'll miss you because you sent me flowers when I was ill and because I know you mean it little'un.
The rest of you,

Little Un

Tiny hands

And big head

Bursting like an over-ripe melon full of useful information

It fills me with elation

And much sadness,

Woe of jumping from the frying pan into the fire

Fear of looking over my shoulder at the world flashing by

Private admission that I know this is a futile exercise in searching for something I want desperately to be a part of

And knowing I'm on standby until something better sweeps love away from under my feet

I have a book full of dreams I wish I had acted and performed in

A running commentary on life and bright wishes like silver waiting to be fulfilled

And magnetic forces of opposites guide me in all the wrong directions

But you said it's something that has to be

And that you care enough to watch me make my move

I stand by everything we hold dear,

"Its the little things that count babe"

I hear you whisper in my ear.


Marjorie Razorblade