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Moments of Clarity

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The Whispering
Sometimes I can still hear your voice.
I think about it whispering in my ear
But I can never make out what you're trying to say
I sometimes used to pretend to be asleep
So I could hear you say
"See you in the morning beautiful one"
But then, I'd always be thinking about saying that to someone else
And now
No-one whispers
And with hindsight, I should have opened my eyes and smiled.

marjorierazorblade, 2003

The Three Theological Virtues are Pissed off.
When the vaguest insults plagued my soul
And you filled me with that empty hole
When unlikely it seemed I could forgive,
You stole my perfect will to live,

When i've got on my knees to a Lord above,
Prayed for burning light, for burning love
Through secrets of you, and all my tears
Seems they both fell on the deafest ears,

When immoral things had dominated
My Hope my Faith were celebrated,
I respond with my soul torn in two-
If I were half a man Love

I'd be like you.

marjorierazorblade, 2002

His Testicles Must be Enormous
I've never seen such nerve-such gall
And secret writing on the wall
Denotes your time for 'fun' is grounded
Revealed your truth and I'm dumbfounded
You slur your friends I name no name
You point but only you're to blame
For nothing ventured you've less to gain
You'll die alone
You'll die of shame
Love and truth combined no more
Your heart becomes an empty door
My time is wasted, you theif and fraud
They'll worship me now
And I'm adored
You've broken me- I slowly shatter
To you somehow this doesn't matter
To fuck with me;
To be slightly pedantic,
Your fucking balls must be gigantic.

marjorierazorblade, 2003

Life is for the Living
The act of taking part is in itself hard work,
But you are not lazy
You would not be reading this if you were.
How easy it would be to give in and and surrender to a lost cause
Wouldn't it?
Lay down and let it all come to you
Let people stumble across you in the dark
Lay down and wait for the memory of a blue sky to fill your dry eyes
Die an uneventful death
Never reaching the horizon of a new day
Or watch the sun being born
But I will never leave you be
There will be no rest no more
I'll drag you along this battlefield my love,
You're all I'm fighting for

marjorierazorblade, 2003

Thank you.
I'd like to thank you for reading my poems
And for assessing and judging me by your own standards.
Been told I swear too much by someone who's just fifteen years old
In another fifteen years, they may understand this for themselves
I was fifteen once.
Thank you for making the light at the end of my tunnel that much darker.
Thank you for being the voice of no particular reason
Thank you for always being a stranger to my door
And haunting my empty thoughts of love
Which were not there before.
Bought myself a cat to combat boredom
Am now bored with myself- what shall I do?
Thank you for not interjecting with a stupid comment
I tire of them, because lets face it, people are just not as funny as they should be
Thank you for being the one to hold me down and depress me
Bury me under the headstone of doom
Thank you for not holding me
Especially when I cannot sleep in no-ones arms
Thank you for making my troubles that much deeper
And my heart that much shallower
Thank you for everything
Thank you for nothing
Thank you
For reading my last poem.

marjorierazorblade, 2003