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Forever consigned to the 'Old Poetry File'

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Forgiven, Forsaken, Forgotten, For Nothing


The choice you invariably make will be the wrong choice

The paths that eventually take you to the same place- go around in a circle

In order to avoid previous events from reoccuring-

Choose the correct path;

The wrong path,

It will lead you to me,

And you will eventually have made the right decision

Upon which, previous occurences will be prevented

Unless of course,

I grow weary of going round in your formidable circles of secrecy

And can forgive, no more.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

"The sum of all parts"
I fell over today
Got helped up by a young man of about twenty five dressed in a hooded coat
Black as the Ace of spades with white teeth like stars; he leant over and grinned at me
Beautiful Like an dirty Angel
He stood me up and brushed my coat down and said with a smile
"The sum of all parts." Laughing; he walked away leaving me with a kiss on the cheek and a pretend punch on the chin
I watched him bounce down the street like a rainbow in a petrol puddle,

Like a peacock in the dark

I stood there with my mouth open and smiled when I heard him shout from down the street
"You're so important to some body!"
I went home and laughed at the simpleness of it all.

And I just thought I'd share that with you.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade


* Uncomplicated

Remember me in winter

Forget about me in Summer

It's a season I dont suit,

Sometimes I like to look out of the window

I'd like you to remember me like that

Just wonder what Im doing

What I'm looking at or thinking about

Just keep me like that

And there's nothing else you need do

It's not too complicated.


Marjorie Razorblade




* Love in a Mist

Wasted love lies foolishly on the pillow, weeping of tears and broken hearts of desire that knows not true depths of human emotion and the joy and sanctity of life; does this not then mean that love is an expression of futility spent on a white cotton sheet when the words you wish to speak come out as a muffled double meaning or sleight of hand gesture which is lost forevermore in tactile agreement, or could this just be a colourful idiom with which to populate a thousand hearts with one padlock and the proud owner of just one key?
Love I think would be best left unspoken
Unless of course
Tis said from you to me.


(c) Marjorie Razorblade





* Tonight Tonight

I think I could be in love with you

Yes I definitely think I could fall in love...

I think I love you

I think oh what does it matter what I think?

I think...

Oh I love you

Or at least

I think I might,

Or maybe all I really need is someone to hold me tonight.


Marjorie Razorblade




* Silent Corners


Watching my silent corners

What do you see?

For a second I'll watch your beautiful eyes following the lines and curves of each vowel and crossed t's and dotted I's.

Do I say everything in such short sentences? Or say nothing?

Do I realise I'm doing this? What do you think?

I imagine you sat in the corner of the room

Whispering to yourself as your pen scratches over the surface of a notepad

Subject number one

'Marjorie Razorblade.'

Studying and dissecting perched on the back of an armchair like a crow

Illuminated my the moon as you watch me

Mumbling gently

Scratch scratch goes the pen

And I imagine you with wings

I would love to hold you and bury my nose in them

And then let you go and watch you take flight

No-one should be without their wings honey and I'd hold you close

...But not so tight

You can't cage what is ultimately free

I've got no feathers, maybe I should walk to heaven

Will you be there to meet me? With your golden hair and wings spread across Gods throne?

Watch my silent corners lovely,

and you'll never be alone..



(c) Marjorie Razorblade