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Making Babies

We've had 'The Discussion'
Our eyes looked away silently
He nodded and said three little words
'Lets do it'

And because He didn't run screaming for the hills

I've switched my morning coffee
For those little white heart shaped forget-me-not pills.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Clouds Go By


The click of the pavement and my heels on asphalt cloudy day 9 Celsius stormy weather on the way looking out of the broken sash window pane repaired in 1980 by a man glazing above windowboxes in the rain onwards to the sea of indigo as a newspaper blows by on a current of warm tropical jet plane fuselage searing heat and women shake sheets and children break moves on skateboards on the street the yellow dresses swirling the white ford orions swinging green Christmas trees in rear view mirrors on the past as babies laugh in back seat high chairs with rattles of blue and heart shaped safety harnesses that watches them sleep soundly as life flashes a second out as the pavement clicking with heels on the asphalt.

Cloudy day 9 Celsius.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Stars are moving backwards
Time is standing still
People are frozen all around me
I close the shutters behind my eyes and live on fear
Blocking out the black hole in the event horizon of increasing velocity
Coming closer to ripping the fabric of my world in two,
A singularity in the chaos of my life appears,
A star is born,
That star is you.

(c)Marjorie Razorblade

Chicken Wire
Floating filled with air on waves
Blue sky above that rolls for days
Forms whispy clouds soft pirouette
Through Sienna sky and Red sunset
Night harbour fog the sweeping mist,
Strokes lonely piers where we first kissed
Breaks graceful peaks that roll and curve
Rocks fishing boats that bob and swerve
And shoaling nets ensnare a hoard,
And something heavy's pulled on board...
And there sits you my hearts desire

Wrapped lovingly in Chicken Wire.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Walls of Babylon
"Come in" I said,
I don't remember adding
"Here is my heart and soul please jump and down on it."
No, I think I would have remembered-although that was many years ago..
I wonder what life is like outside these Walls of Babylon?
Does real love still exist?
Is the battle ground in this modern day set in gardens as empty as these?
Beautiful but deadly
Quiet until you put your ear to the ground
"Come in the door is open" It seems I foolishly said ,
And where I was too scared to step outside
It seemed you feared to tread.

Marjorie Razorblade

Fuck It
My life really isn't so bad
I've just lost the will to live,
Grown into cyncism, settled into my old bones, setting myself in my ways,
I find it incredibly difficult to trust people,
Have but a few faces I can instantly conjure to my minds eye
A practical realist who juggles sadness like a handful of tennis balls
A girl with a swirl addiction and eyes like kaeidoscopes And you-

I trust you sometimes.

I'm thirty one
Introspective and anxious
I have an overpowering feeling of impending doom- like falling
I've lived in the shadow of depression for quite some time now
And i've even walked into it head on- i'm terrified of doing it again
Sometimes at night I think I miss my old life
I might have been happier then, i'm not sure
I regret much
I'm eternally optimistic of feeling utter completion from somewheresomethingsomebody
I await that moment of falling and letting go
It's scary to think of
I'm stand off-ish and cautious in that respect-
I don't want to be trampled on, or buried under the headstone without finding absolute peace
But, in all of life's ups and downs
I've learnt one thing:

Fuck love, all you need are great shoes.

(c) Marjorie razorblade

Singing songs like a hummingbird
I sat in the bath with fleur de lys wallpaper resembling roses of great vulgarity,
Washing behind my ears straining with the effort of mixing the hot tap-cold water-hot water-cold water with my toe, when it occurred to me:
Video piracy is a crime and should not be accepted
You need to strike matches away from your face when you light them
And the cosmic harmony of the world is contained within my finger
Beware of me when I point at you in a public place,
You may feel love
And wish you were here to wash my face.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Stick or twist
Shit or bust
Fire or water
Love or lust
Mud or magic
Blood or soap
Knife or razor
Pills or rope
Ledge or window
Neck or wrist
Shit or bust
Stick or twist.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

I say what's in my heart
-This is dangerous-
I try and make it better with my lips
If I was more attractive I would find this easy
And be less of a pushover because no-one believes my honesty
I'm very sentimental and love harder than an acceptable standard
Maybe it's because of this
I always feel abandoned.

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Lover you hath brought me
All the joys of living
All the tears of desperation
The rapture of union
The loneliness of separation
The desolation of departure
A pang of hope
Solidarity of impeccable dreams
Love in its iron hand and velvet glove
Impending doom of days ending
Elation of sunrise
And spider-web of limitless sadness
A myriad of implausible lies

And for that I bring you love

(c) Marjorie Razorblade

Its' been six weeks since my last kill,
I said 'no more' but even still,
I cant be cured
Its evil will

And you have just upset me.

Turned off by you and just ignored
My feelings rose and temper soared
Four doors away i've feelings still
For you,
But then I just might kill

I'm trying hard each night I pray
And though i'm calm inside each day
You pay my way
I fit your bill
But those I love,

I have to kill.

(C) Marjorie Razorblade

The Life of Ivy
My feet would leave no footprints in the sand
No fingerprints in the dust
I pass through hearts and minds as a whisper
Such complexities make life disdainful
Ivy clinging to a stone facade of ancient ruins;
Stripped of former glory, bombed from wars of mankind, pillaged of sanity,
Raped by God
decorating a place where nothing else chooses to grow
Clinging to things past
Too slow to move to things future
Always stuck in things present
Longing to be uprooted and placed somewhere important,
Casting shadows on immovable obstacles
And secrets unearthed from random factors and veined fingers
Invisible to tourists
In photos
On the face of humanity
Days and nights
Under broken stars
Just Ivy
Just Ivy
Nothing more to you

(c) Marjorie Razorblade