Its all doom and gloom isn't it?

This asks the question, are we Evolving or De-Evolving? And are we just destined to blow ourselves to bits..Unless we do something positive to change things as they stand then it's more than a posibility.

Judging by some of the heinous mistakes of the 21st century it's actually quite difficult to say... How much further advanced have we actually become? And what makes us think we're number 1?

Think about this: If this sentence were the existence of Dinosaurs, and the very last full stop at the end of this sentence was the entire duration and existence of human beings, then the actual length of time we've been here is just about coming up now. Frightening really. The next full stop marks the probable end of human existence. True.

Now here animals have the upper hand (or flipper or whatever they may have) we've become such insular peoples, we rely on our meat plucked, stuffed and packaged and placed on a supermarket shelf. None of us probably know how to start a fire or what foods are edible, which berries are poisonous and what plants will make us feel better if we're ill.

When we do eventually come to some sort of agreement on whether or not we should blow up that country over there or let those people believe in that God if they really want to, it may be too late. When we look at our guns, our cars and TV, when we know who's being evicted on Big Brother while we're eating our plumped up and water injected chickens from Sainsburys. Then I think we'll all know- we're pretty fucked. World poverty and hunger are still something which alive and well in our advanced civilisation. Unless sustainable and reliable forms of agriculture are provided, the whole world will continue to be affected. And remember our climate is rapidly changing. In the last year we have seen Tsunami's Hurricanes and Flash Floods. This is also something we can expect to continue unless everyone takes small steps to try and make a difference.

And we can make a difference. All of us.

So whats it going to take to make this difference? You might think " ah well, I really can't be arsed." But things need to change. If you really feel deep down that you want to do something, or even be made aware of the situation (its a good start) then direct your fingers to the links below...

Thanks for taking the time- thats really all it takes after all x

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