Welcome to Bad Science!

Full of Science Facts and Crap- this is the real stuff people want to know: How to make deadly poisons- how to grow snot in a petri dish- what sort of nasty beasties lie under that scab
Its here! Direct your mouse to the beakers above to probe the depths of science and more cases of Ebola than you can shake a stick at! Its yucky! Teh!

On a personal note: the sole purpose of this site is to share the recent graduation of this humble scientist! Consider it a passing on of information on everything i've learnt and am likely to forget faster than you can say " watch out thats a highly pathogenic bacterial culture you're waving at me Mrs Davies."

Its a wonder I ever passed at all....on my first day I set my lab coat on fire, week three I had given everyone E.Coli, month 8 I had dropped a jar into the Microflow cabinet and gassed everyone, and by my graduation, I think they passed me just so I wouldn't have to EVER go back again......

Bad Science was born!

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